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December Update

Alex Rotas finishes first raceAll my good resolutions about keeping my website up to date seem to have gone by the wayside (sigh). It’s December already! How did that happen? The wonderful Turin Games have been and gone (see photos in the Gallery) the somewhat chillier National Masters Athletics Championships in Birmingham in September have been and gone (ditto), I’ve run in my own very first race but I don’t think there’s a career direction there, I was just glad to get to the finish (see below) and various new directions seem to be opening up now for my photography.

I’ve two new winter exhibitions on the go now at Frenchay Hospital. One’s in the dining room in the exhibition space called Feed Your Mind. The other’s in the Day Hospital at the request of gerontologist Dr Nigel Jones. Very good news for me is that the Trust is buying 32 of my pictures to go on permanent display in the state-of-the-art new hospital building that’s opening in May 2013 and serving Bristol thereafter.

In October one of my photos was selected by PoetrySpace for their photo and poetry challenge. This is a competition where poets are invited to submit poems in response to a particular image. Here’s the link to mine. Sue Sims, who runs PoetrySpace is going to publish a “coffee table book” of the poems and pictures when the competition closes.

I’m in talks too with the organisers of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. They are very keen to use my photos as part of their ‘on the streets’ campaign that will run alongside the Games. I hardly dare say any more than that at this juncture as there are plenty more hurdles to jump (sorry) before we get to Go. But it’s very exciting even to be in talks with the people who are going to make this enormous project happen and, when it does, touch a world-wide audience of millions.

I’ll be going to the World Indoor Athletics Championships in Budapest in March. I’ve got a new lens and I’m hoping it’s going to help in the challenge that is indoor sports photography. We’ll see. Plus I’ve never been to Budapest before.

So exciting times and busy times. I hope to have more news soon!

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