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Lyon 2015 WMAC Collection

LYON 2015 – World Masters Athletics Championships

  1. World champion Sue Yeomans, 62, shows her athleticism and grace on her way to joint gold medal position in the women’s pole vault competition, 60-64 year old age group, clearing 2.70m.
  2. Hikmet Kandegdi from Turkey, focuses on his approach to the bar in the men’s pole vault competition, 80-84 year old age group. I’m not sure how old he is but I think he’s one of the older athletes in this age category, as I can remember photographing him in the same age group for at least 3 years now, possibly longer.
  3. GB newcomer Dr Charles Eugster, 96, took up track & field athletics last year when he was 95, so he’s the new kid on the block now. He was also the oldest kid off the blocks in the men’s 200m final, having to race against youngsters in the age group below him. Those would be the juniors in the 90-94 year old age group.
  4. Long jumper 85 year old Rosa Pederson from Denmark. About to make a new world record of 2.93m for her age group (85-89 years).
  5. 91 year old athlete (don’t those words sound so good together?) Gerhard Windolf, from Germany, jumping for gold medal position in the men’s long jump event, 90-94 year old age group. He cleared 2.30m (that’s 7.5′) which is awesome. The world record for this age group however is even more awesome: 3.26m (10.7′).
  6. Canadian Doug Smith, a mere strip of a lad at 63, competing in the men’s 2000m steeplechase, 60-64 year old age category.
    Doug’s a fellow photographer and I’m used to being alonsgide him rather than seeing him through my lens, so I couldn’t resist including him on my page now. But doesn’t he make the point well about the youthfulness of each new age group? OK, maybe he’s not super-typical of 63 year old athletes in terms of how he looks – which is pretty cool, I think you’ll agree. But that is indeed his age group, hard though it is to credit.
  7. Ikuko Suzuki, 78, Japan, on her way to gold medal position in the women’s steeplechase event, 75-79 year old age group.
  8. This is how you do high jump in the 70-74 year old age group – well, if you’re the amazing Austrian masters athlete Marianne Maier, born 1942, that is. This is her competing in the women’s heptathlon. And yes. She cleared the bar. Of course.
  9. Pengxue Su, 87. He’s a Chinese athlete, the only competitor in his age group to have entered the men’s decathlon, 85-89 years old age category. Here he is competing in the 100m event. He had to run with his juniors, the guys in their early 80s.
  10. Japan’s Nobuo Ishikawa, 80, competing in the short hurdle event as part of the men’s decathlon, 80-84 year old age group. The short hurdle event, to a layperson like me, is lots and lots of hurdles placed very close to each other over a short distance (110m). This was first thing in the morning, and Ishikawa makes it look effortless. He had a long day ahead, with the discus, the pole vault, the javelin and the 1500m still to come. All in temperatures of over 40C/104F.
  11. Legendary US athlete Irene Obera, 81, shows her determination, speed and grace as she wins the women’s 100m dash, 80-84 year old age category, in 17.57secs. This was just short of her own world record for this age group of 16.81 secs. Just try and get your head around that speed and that time. Incredible.
  12. 90 year old athlete (I love seeing those words together!) Emilia Garcia de Fontan from Colombia, left, battles to keep up with junior Gwen Gleeson, 86, from Australia, right, in the finals of the 100m dash, women’s 85-89 and 90-94 year old age groups. Gleeson crossed the line 6th in her age group, in 26.01secs and Garcia de Fontan was just behind at 26.06secs.

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