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My 2018 Summer Exhibition in Falkirk

Very excited to be planning my photography exhibition at The Park Gallery, Callendar House, Falkirk, this summer. Opening date: June 9th, 2018. This picture was taken in January on my first visit, so you get a taste of just how gorgeous this place is.

Along with the gallery curator Gillian Smith (who is a total joy to work with) we’re taking advantage of the fact that Callendar House is part of Falkirk Community Trust. This means that we can liaise across agencies, working with colleagues serving local sports sectors as well as older people.

We’re working on getting some beautiful pictures on the walls (I think it’s OK to say that?!) as well as publicising the activities of local masters athletes and encouraging visitors to get more active themselves as they admire the achievements of athletes in their 60s through 90s (for example, we’ll be marking up some long-jump distances in the gallery too).

Callendar House is a breathtakingly beautiful venue (see above!), with a wonderful tea room, resplendent with original nineteenth century wallpaper. So please come if you possibly can. It really will be worth a visit.

Featured image by Ruth Harris

February 15, 2018


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