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On Cluttered Desks, What Fires Us Up and Branching Out

The other day, I posted a photograph of my desk on my Facebook page along with the following words:

Today’s been a planning sort of day. Well, the plan was for it to be a planning sort of a day. But actually it’s been one where I look at my desk and wish I could have a personality transplant. I’d like to wake up tomorrow and with a tidy person’s mind having been beamed into mine while I slept. How can I plan anything when my desk is such a tip? And I don’t even know how to start. Every single bit of paper bewilders me. Where should I put it? So It’s been a day of despair and procrastination really.

How’s your week started, nice people? Hope it’s been more productive than mine…

A Facebook friend reminded me, in a comment, of his favourite Einstein quote (Thank you, Daryll!):

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”

I’m happy to report, that I’ve now tidied my desk (basically just scooped everything up and piled it all on my chair) and done some planning.

I’m branching out (ooh, what an appropriate metaphor) and am going to be photographing some passionate older gardeners in Wales, starting mid November. This is thanks to my new friend Lynne Allbutt who saw my book and reckoned older gardeners – and she knows many – might make different but equally inspiring subjects to talk to and to photograph.

Looking forward to it hugely – it’ll be another new world for me and call on a whole different set of photographic skills. It’s obviously not what you do as you get older that keeps you full of life – and hence both happy yourself as well as inspiring to others – but having something, whatever it is, that fires you up and makes you want to just leap out of bed in the morning and get stuck in, that’s the trick.

Can’t wait. Thanks Lynne! Check out her website too; she’s one awesome lady.

Right, back to my pile of papers on the chair…

PS I’ll still be photographing sporty people too

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