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British Masters Open Indoor Championships 2014 (set 1)

Masters Athletes, UK

Lee Valley Athletics Centre, March 8th & 9th, 2014.

  1. Scottish athlete Rosemary Chrimes, born 1933, prepares to break the world shot put record for her age group (80-84 years) at the British Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships at Lee Valley in March 2014, with a throw of 9.58m.
  2. Neil Griffin, born 1948, winning the men’s 65-69 shot put (5K) competition with a throw of 13.73m, a new British record for this event.
  3. Peter Hannell , born 1942, shows the effort and fortitude it takes to cross the line first in the men’s 3000m walk, 70-74 year age group. His time was 18:09.46.
  4. Gary Newton, born 1978, competes in the men’s shot put (7.26K), 35-39 year old age category, where his throw of 14.06m put him in 1st place.
  5. David Burrell competes in the men’s shot put (7.26K), 45–49 year age group, throwing 11.82m which brought him 3rd place.
  6. Sandra Campbell, born 1968, racing to 2nd place in the women’s 3000m walk, age group 45-49 years, crossing the line in 21:56.71.
  7. Hamilton Thomas, born 1937, competes in the men’s shot put (4K) competition, 75-79 age group, where his throw of 7.80m put him in 2nd place.
  8. Tony Wells running to a split-second 3rd place in the men’s 200m, 65-69 year old age group, in a time of 28.90secs (the world record for this age group is 24.65secs).

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