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British Masters Open Outdoor Championships 2013 (set 2)

Masters Athletes, UK

Alexander Stadium, Birmingham, September 14th-15th, 2013.

  1. Jhalman Singh, born 1935, competes in the 75-79 year old long jump competition where his jump of 3.25m put him in 3rd place (the winner cleared 3.95m). The GB record stands at 4.12m, unbroken since 1991, and the world record for this age group is 4.84m (Gold at the London Olympics was won with a leap of 8.31m – although this is less than the world record for masters 35-39 year olds, a record shared by Carl Lewis and Larry Myricks, both of the US, that stands at 8.50m!
  2. Dorothy Fraser competes in the 75-79 year old shot putt competition. Her throw of 5.66m was a triumph as it comes only 3 months after she suffered a stroke which has affected her right side with the result that she had to use her left hand and arm to help guide her right hand into position.
  3. Tony Wells heads for the finishing line in 1st position in the 100m hurdles, 60-64 year old age group, in a time of 16.36 seconds. He is the British record holder for this event (15.39secs). The world record for this event and age group is 14.37secs.
  4. Lorna Foster competes in the women’s 50-54 year old category shot putt competition where her throw of 9.63m earned her 5th place (the winning throw was 10.78m). The GB record is 12.13m and the world record is 15.15m. (Gold medal position was gained at the 2012 London Olympics with a throw of 20.70m.)
  5. Averil McClelland powering into 1st place in the 100m 55-59 year old category in a time of 13.78secs, just outside the British record time of 13.51secs and the world record time of 13.30secs. She also came in first in the 200m in a time of 28.97secs, missing out on the British record for her age group in this event of 27.39 and the world record of 27.26secs.
  6. Pat Gallagher relaxing in the stands. In these championships, she came first in the 800m and the 1500m events in times of 3:14.17 and 6:37.51mins respectively. The British records for her age group are 2:48.1 and 5:30.1mins, the latter also being the world record time for 1500m held by Angela Copson.

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