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European Veterans Athletics Championships 2012, Germany (set 2)

Masters Athletes

Zittau, Germany, 2012.

  1. Vladylena Kokina, Ukraine, born 1926, moments after having run a new world record for her age group for the women’s 800m in 4:56.10 in Zittau, August, 2012.
  2. Reinhard Dahms, Germany, born 1939, competing in the men’s Pole Vault, 70-74 year old age group, 2012.
  3. Neumann, Lange & Carter. In a split-second finish of the men’s 200m, 75-79 year age group, final, Karl-Heinz Neumann of Germany, born 1935 and the oldest of the trio on the right, gains Gold in 30.49secs, Hans-Joachim Lange, Germany, born 1937, gains Silver in 30.61secs and Alan Carter, Great Britain, born 1937, gets Bronze in 30.62 secs. (For comparison, the World Record in this age group is 27.97secs; for the 65-69 year age group it’s 25.20; for the 55-59 group it’s 23.36; for the 45-49 group it’s 21.80 and for the 35-39 group it’s 20.11. At the London Olympics, the 1st round heat times were between 20.28 and 22.94secs and Osain Bolt won the final in 19.32secs.)
  4. Walter Reidinger, born 1925, Austria, throwing 22m to earn Bronze in the Men’s Javelin 85-89 age group, Zittau 2012.
  5. Stump, Vladika & Jonkers. Women’s Long Jump competitors in the age group 65-69 chatting after the event: Karin Stump, W. Germany, born 1945; Jacqueline Wladika, Austria, born 1944 and Riet Jonkers of the Netherlands, born 1943. Gold medal was won with a jump of 4.00m; the World Record for this age group is 4.64m.
  6. Klaus Langer of Germany, born 1916, throws the javelin in the Men’s 95-99 year group, gaining Gold with a throw of 14m (to be fair, he was the only entrant in his age group). He also won Gold in the High Jump (jumping 88cm), the 3kg Shot Put with a throw of 5.48m and the Discus with a throw of 11.98m.
  7. Mollie Mills, Zittau 2012.
  8. Hilja Bakhoff, Austra Reinberga, Ilse Pleuger. Hilja Bakhoff, Estonia, born 1926, Gold, Austra Reinberga, Latvia, born 1927, Silver and Ilse Pleuger, Germany, Bronze on the rostrum for the medal ceremony after the Discus competition, women’s 85-89 year old category. Bakhoff threw 14.97m, Reinberga threw 14.46m and Pleuger threw 12.63m.

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