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European Veterans Athletics Championships 2012, Germany (set 1)

Masters Athletes


Zittau, Germany, 2012.

  1. Leaping Rabbit, born 1951. This German athlete recently changed her name by deed poll: her first name is now officially Leaping and her second Rabbit. (She is, above all, a pole vaulter.) Here she takes the 1st leg of the women’s Relay, 60-64 year age group in Zittau. In these Championships she earned Bronze medal position in the Pole Vault, clearing 2.30m (Gold went to a clearance of 2.71m; the World Record for this age category is 3.12m). She also gained Bronze in the Heptathlon. In the 80m Hurdles she came 4th with a time of 15.97secs (Gold was 4.23).
  2. Rosemarie Kreiscott, Germany, born 1931, running to Gold in the women’s 100m 80-84 year old category in a time of 18.91secs.
  3. Christa Scheich, running in the women’s 65-69 200m in a time of 33.02secs, putting her in 4th place (the World Record for her age group is 29.37secs). She ran the 100m in 15.93secs (the WR is 14.10secs) and gained a Bronze medal in the Long Jump with a jump of 3.78m.
  4. Tony Bowman, Great Britain, born 1935, shows the pain crossing the finishing line in the Men’s Relay, 75-59 year age group where the GB team came in 3rd in Bronze medal position. Tony earned Gold in the Men’s 75-79 80m Hurdles, racing through in 14.88secs.
  5. Angela Copson, Great Britain, born 1947. In Zittau she competed in the 65-69 age category, running here in the 4x100m relay. Copson won Gold in the 800m in a time of 2.49:58 and Gold too in the 1500, where she lowered her own World Record to 5.39:85. (Interestingly, the 1st open women’s WR was close to this time, 5:18.2 set by the Russian athlete Anna Mushkina in 1927; Olympics Gold in London was run in 4:10.23.) Copson gained another Zittau Gold medal in the 5000m where she set a new European Record of 20.58:07, despite running in the heat of 36C.
  6. Emiel Pauwels, Belgium, celebrates on crossing the finishing line of the men’s 400m. Pauwels, in the 90-94 age group, was born in 1918 and he earned his Gold medal in a time of 2.12secs. Silver was taken by Romain-henri Maynard, France, born in 1922, in a time of 2.30secs. (World Record time for this age group is 1.35:04. [The current Olympic WR is Michael Johnson’s 43.18.])
  7. Edward Korolko, Poland, born 1940, preparing for the men’s 70-74 year old Pole Vault (he cleared 2.80m, which put him in joint 11th place (Gold medal position was a jump of 3.20m).
  8. Hartmann Knorr, Germany, born 1940, running in the winning German team in the 70-74 year old category, men’s Relay at Zittau, 2012. In the 100m he came 7th in 14:91secs (Gold medal time was 13.59secs; world record time for his age is 12.77secs; [Usain Bolt: 9.58]). In the 400m he came 7th in 1.10:42 (winning time 1:07). In the 800m he came 4th in 2:46.03 (the winning time was 2:39.80).
  9. Tony Wells, Great Britain, born 1948, now aged 64 helping his Relay team in the men’s 60-64 age category gain Silver medal position.
  10. Alan Carter, GB, born 1937, & Alexander Yaroshenko, Russia, born 1937, fight for 3rd place in the final of the men’s 75-79 year old 100m sprint. In a photofinish Carter claimed Bronze with a time of 14.73secs & Yaroshenko came 4th in 14.97. (The World Record for this age group is a speedy 13.54secs. Compare these late 70 year olds with 25 year old Usain Bolt’s winning time of 9.63sec at the London Olympics)
  11. Albert George Olbrechts, Germany, with Romain-Henri Maynard, France, after their 100m race. Olbrechts, born in 1915, was the single entrant in his age category of 95-99 years and came through in a time of 34.04. Maynard, born 1922, alone in the men’s 90-94 age group, ran to Gold in a time of 20.89. (The World Record for the Men’s 95 age group is 21.44 and for the Men’s 90 age group is 17.53secs. [Usain Bolt’s WR is 9.58secs.])

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