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European Veteran Athletics Championships 2014, Turkey (set 1)

Masters Athletes

Izmir, Turkey, 2014.

  1. Brita Kiesheyer, Germany, born 1937, and Dorothy McLennan, Ireland, born 1935, show why they carry on competing through their late 70s. They were taking part in the heptathlon event; the only two competitors in their age group in this event here in Izmir.
  2. Britain’s Bruce Hendrie, born 1948, runs to gold in the men’s 800m event in the 65-69 year old age category, in 2:36.63.
  3. Hildegund Buerkle, Germany, born 1934, on her way to gold medal position and a new world recordof 18.16secs in the women’s 100m dash, 80-84 year old age group.
  4. Denmark’s Inge Faldager, born 1948 and Eva Nohl from Germany, also born 1948, comparing muscle power at the end of the discus event in the throwing pentathlon, 65-69 year old age group.
  5. Margarethe Tomanek, Belgium, born 1949, competes in the javelin event.
  6. Moira West, GB, born 1949, overtakes Germany’s Ingrid Meier, born 1947, to become European Champion in the 100m dash, 65-69 year old age group in 15.30secs. She was thrilled to earn her first international gold medal for this event. The world record for this late 60s age group is an astonishing 14.10secs, only just over 3 seconds slower than Shelley-Ann Fraser-Pryce’s London Olympics gold medal time of 10.75secs.
  7. ‘Youngster’ Nina Anderson, born 1972, crosses the line in gold medal position in the women’s 400m race, 40-44 year old age category in 57.47secs. The world record for this event in her age group is 53.68secs.
  8. Competitors, 85-89 yrs. From left to right: Suat Akgun, Turkey, born 1928, silver: 18.03secs, Wolfgang Reuter, Germany, born 1928, gold: 17.43, Konstantinos Chatziemmanouil, Greece, born 1929, bronze: 19:47, Eckart Maas, Germany, born 1928 and Alfred Fischer, Germany, born 1927.

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