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World Indoor Masters Athletics Championships 2014 (Set 2)

Hungary, Masters Athletes

Budapest, March 2014.

  1. Kokorev Anatoliy, Russia, born 1934, leads the way in the men’s 800m race, 80-84 year old age group, coming through to win gold in a time of 3:18.48.
  2. Legendary super-star of the super-seniors, Olga Kotelko, Canada, born in 1919, competing in her first event in her new age group of 95-99 years old. A nine hour difference between Vancouver, her home town, and Budapest, didn’t blip her radar and she cheerfully entered nine events in Budapest, setting world records in seven of them and inevitably – due, it has to be said, to lack of competition – becoming current world champion in all nine.
  3. Constaninos Chatziemmanouil, Greece, born 1929, runs through to victory and gold medal position in the men’s 200m finals, age group 85-89.
  4. Giuseppe Ottaviani, Italy, born in 1917 and the oldest competitor in the games at the age of 97, tackles the high jump. For some reason the results are not given on the website but safe to assume he is current world champion for his age group, 95-99 years old, in this and in the other 10 events he entered. It’s no push-over, even at this age, and standards are high. Ottaviani ‘only’ achieved a world record in the men’s triple jump, 95-99 year old age group, making a distance of 4.44m.

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