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World Masters Games Turin 2013 (set 2)

Italy, Masters Athletes

Turin, Italy, 2013.

  1. Jeanne Daprano, USA, born 1936, winning the 400m 75-79 year age group in a time of 1:23.33secs. She holds the World Record of 1:22.39secs for her age. She also won Gold in the 800m 75-79 year old group, coming home in 3:22.38, way behind her own World Record of 3:07.35. In Turin she also earned Gold in the 1500m (7:03.82), Silver in the 200m (37.11), and Bronze in the 100m (18.19).
  2. Leontine Vitola, Latvia, born 1937, shows her relief on crossing the line in Silver medal position in the, 400m, 75-79 year age group, in a time of 1:24.39secs, just one second slower than Gold medal time and two seconds off the World Record time for her age group. She also earned Silver in the 100m and took Bronze 200m and 800m.
  3. Sue Yeomans, GB, born 1953, focusses on her run-up for her Gold medal Pole-Vault in the women’s 60-64 year old competition clearing 2.75m. Sue, 60, also took home a Gold medal for the Long Jump in her age category, a Silver in the Triple Jump and a Bronze in the High Jump.
  4. Yordan Yordanov, Bulgaria, born 1945, running in the men’s 5000 metre event, 65-69 year age category, at the World Masters Games, Turin, 2013. Yordanov, a lawyer from Varna, Bulgaria, also competed in the 5000 metre track race walk. In both events he came last (in 29:09.56 and 40:27.93 respectively, both times some 11 minutes behind the gold medal winner). His speed, or perhaps lack of it, clearly doesn’t detract from the enjoyment he derives from taking part in these competitions. We met on the bus travelling to the stadium on the morning of the 5K run, so as I was photographing him during the race in the afternoon I was also urging him on. That’s what made him smile.
  5. Sue Yeomans, GB, born 1953, clearing the bar at 2.75m to earn gold in the women’s pole vault, 60-64 year old category at the World Masters Games in Turin, Italy, in August 2013. She also gained gold medals in the long jump and the triple jump in Turin as well as a silver medal in the high jump.
  6. Allan Martin, New Zealand, born 1926, running into second place and silver medal position in the men’s 800 metre race, 85-89 year old category, at the World Masters Games in Turin, August 2013. His time was 5:12.73 (gold was earned with a time of 3:34.32 and the world record for this age group is 3:21.23). In the 100 metre sprint, Martin gained gold (to be fair, he had no competitors in his age group) crossing the line in 22.75secs (the world record for this age group is a rather astonishing 16.16secs; compare this with Usain Bolt’s London Olympic gold medal time of 9.85secs).
  7. Marite Kozlovska, Latvia, born 1951, running to Gold in the 400m 60-64 year age category in 1:12.01secs. Kozlovska also won Gold in the 800m race which she ran in 2:52.38 secs (the World Record for her age group is 2:34:66).
  8. Christa Bortignon, Canada, born 1937, multiple world champion, masters ‘Athlete of the Year’ (2013) and great-grandmother extraordinaire, competing in the women’s triple jump, 75-79 year old category in the World Masters Games, Turin, August 2013. Her jump of 7.75m earned her a gold medal but fell short of her own world record of 8.11m, a distance that would have earned her gold in the two age groups below her own and silver against the women competing in the 60-64 year old category.

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