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Positive News – a photo essay

I’m delighted to see that a piece I’d written for Positive News was published last week and happily, it seems to be getting great feedback; on their Facebook page, the post has 1K+ likes, 500+ shares and plenty of affirming comments. I particularly love the comment on the article itself from Annie, who says,

“My dad will be 88 in September. He still coaches tennis EVERY day! And when he’s not coaching, he’s devouring coaching videos on YouTube. To challenge himself, he started to teach himself to play with his left hand. He’s mastered forehand and backhand – and is now tackling serving.”

Annie’s dad sounds every bit as inspirational as the athletes in the piece. As I tweeted earlier today, I can’t decide whether I want to photograph him or challenge him to a match!

See the article in full here: In pictures: Elderly athletes show age is just a number



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